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Why am I writing about Islam-ic? 

As you all know the religion Islam is subject to a lot of discussions largely from terrorist or related activities. As a result a new terminology has been created, I believe spontaneously. Most of it uses the word “Islamic” as an adjactive, as in “Islamic terrorism”. I have a big problem with this usage. Because no matter how long I have been listening to this it still feels like it is meaningless.

Talking about the use of this terminology is inevitably to be affected by my thoughts about Islam. So, I decided to create a blog to first and foremost create awareness to the misuse of the word “Islam” and all of its derivatives, and to talk about the pillars of the religion where I stem these ideas from.

Islam, is the name of a monotheistic religion. The name is actually given by God in the Quran, as in, the Quran clearly declares the name of this religion to be “Islam”. It is not a given name by a person, or a name that came to be used as a description of the religion. For example, the name “Christianity” is likely to be a given name. Given to the followers of Christ. While “Islam” is actually chosen by the scripture itself, not after the fact that Islam had happened to be, but as it was being revealed. The word in Arabic stems from a root that means peace or peaceful. There are several other meanings by association, but we may get into those later.

A person who follows the religion Islam is called a muslim. That word litterally means, a person who submits to the will of God or a person who harmonizes with facts and regulations of any environment there is. This name is also given by the Quran. It is not a given name, by other people. Note that no such person as an “Islamic person” exists. Such a person would have to be a person that in some way pertains to the religion itself rather than follow the religion. As Islam was sent by God through the Quran, an “Islamic person” would have to be a person litterally sent by God that somehow includes all the religion within themselves, and others by living this person, they would be muslims. As can be deduced from this, “Islamic person” referring to a muslim, is a wrong use of the derivative of the word Islam. This is rahter an attempt of an outsider to give a name to a muslim person, knowing that they follow Islam.

This is a good start that portrays the subject matter of this blog.


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